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The European Institute of Yacht Design is the professional organisation in Europe promoting the discipline and strategic value of yacht design.

This unique platform brings together business, education and culture; in order to share knowledge and experience and encourage interdisciplinary collaborations.

The European Institute of Yacht Design provides support and information in all aspects of the discipline, and promotes yacht design as a key success factor for the maritime industry and its related fields. It constantly champions design excellence, innovation and the exploration of new fields through research and exchange of knowledge and experience in the different topics of interest.

The European Institute of Yacht Design identifies and accelerates young talents and aims to attract professionals from related fields in order to shape and establish the profession of yacht design, as well as to communicate and represent its interests; bridging the gap between academia and business.

It strives to raise the standards by promoting quality, responsibility and sustainability; making the European yacht design a worldwide benchmark for excellence, attracting key players and favouring internationalization.

Topics of interest

Yacht Design is about design thinking, creative problem solving and an effective use of materials and technology. Yacht design is driven by a practical concern for technical processes, manufacture requirements and maritime regulations. It identifies the needs of the market and translates them into smart, human-centred and sustainable products. Moreover, yacht design is a powerful tool to create and transmit brand values in the maritime industry.

It is therefore important to raise the awareness of the yacht design profession in the maritime industry and to promote its strategic value to the different parties involved, such as shipyards, brokers, owners, crew, engineering studios, interior outfitting companies and suppliers.

The European Institute of Yacht Design seeks to understand and constantly shape the profession of yacht design and its design processes by identifying pioneer and leading edge projects, evaluating possibilities for successful collaborations and analysing how yacht design can be managed strategically for an optimum impact.

The yacht design discipline is directly linked to other design fields such as transportation, automotive, interior and product design, as well as architecture and interior architecture.

Striving to shape and define the profession of yacht design also in the creative context, the European Institute of Yacht Design identifies and explores converging points of mutual inspiration between the different design fields, in order to help increasing creative collaborations with cutting-edge outcomes.

Yacht design plays a key role in developing visions and strategies for the yachting business.

The European Institute of Yacht Design identifies challenges and opportunities, where yacht design can best encourage growth in the maritime industry, and serves as a bridge between academia and business. It aims to analyse and understand the market’s needs in yacht design and their influence on branding strategies, planning and communication.

This helps to promote and intensify the exchange of ideas between teaching, research and practical application, and to communicate the added value of yacht design, both in Europe and beyond its borders.

A profession has always the future prospects that it gives to its young talents. The future of European yacht design belongs to young designers. The European Institute of Yacht Design identifies up-and-coming talents and helps them find and develop their key skills and strengths, in order to accelerate their careers.

The European Institute of Yacht Design provides support and advice to women working in yacht design and the maritime business. It aims to identify active women with special career achievement in order to inspire, inform and motivate young women, and to invigorate the maritime industry with female talent.

The European Institute of Yacht Design aims to promote Europe as a pole of excellence in yacht design. It encourages exchange and collaborations between the European countries and strengthens their interconnections within the maritime industry, in order to develop and share knowledge about European yacht design around the world.

The European Institute of Yacht Design champions Europe as an innovative union and fosters its innovation development as a professional contributor in the field of yacht design.

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